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How To Get Involved

The Republican Women of Gregg County provides many opportunities for you to get plugged into activism and service in this important 2024 election year. 


Below are some of the areas that you can get involved with our club to keep conservative values of faith, family, freedom strong in 2024. You get what you vote for.

Standing Committees

Activism Opportunities

Programs & Special Events 



Legislative Affairs

Campaign Activities 
Caring for America/Americanism
Community Engagement 


Social Media/Website 

Campaign Activities 

Student Clerk - Must be at least 16 years or older, enrolled in public, private or homeschool, get permission from parents (principal), and a U.S. citizen.  This program is free and requires a certification from online training.   This program gives students a greater awareness of how the electoral process works.

Poll Watcher - 
Appointed Volunteer to observe the conduct of voters at the polling locations, that is requested on behalf of a Candidate, a political party, or a Political Action Committee (PAC). Must take the online certification program and receive certificate to present to local Election office along with signed form from the person requesting the service.

Election worker - 18 years old to be
PAID and serve, a U.S. citizen and registered to vote in your County.  You can take the certification online and present the certificate to the local election office or participate in local election admin training to become certified.

Volunteer Deputy Registrar - Enables you to register voters in your County, must be 18 years old and a U.S. citizen., term ends on December 31, of every even numbered year.

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